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About LIP

What are Local Immigration Partnerships?

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP’s) are municipal or regional coalitions designed to strengthen local capacity to attract newcomers and improve integration outcomes in all aspects of life. Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), LIP’s were established to encourage a community-driven strategic planning process. The vision was one that combined national objectives and financial support for settlement and integration with considerable scope for local discretion in service integration and community pathways.

In recognition of the fact that local leadership in immigration varies across places, in some cities it is municipal governments taking the initiative, while in others, community agencies are the project sponsors.

The Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

In the city of Guelph and Wellington County, it was the City of Guelph which hosted the Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership (GWLIP).  Established in 2009, the GWLIP is responsible for bringing the Guelph and Wellington County and community stakeholders together in support of immigrant integration. Recent projects include the development of an Interactive Community Services Map, Guelph-Wellington Immigrant Survey and Report, and various Community Events, including the Global Advantage Business Awards, which recognize employers who have worked to integrate immigrants in the workplace, and immigrants who have taken it upon themselves to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in the region.


The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council provides strategic leadership and direction to the GWLIP project as a whole, sets priorities, and oversees the implementation of those priorities.

Leadership Council members are diverse. Our members include organizations which provide settlement, health care, and social services; ethno-cultural, faith, and youth groups; government, education and business sectors; and members of the community in general.

The community connections which result from collaboration of these varied sectors are where the real advantage of the GWLIP lies, combining resources and perspectives to achieve the best results for all stakeholders.


Action Committees

Action Committees are formed to take on specific projects that support the GWLIP’s overall goals and priorities. The Action Committees are made up of people who are passionate about particular issues and would like to see tangible results in those areas. Currently, the Action Committees focus on:

o Meaningful Employment                 o Grassroots Connections

o Access to Services                               o Research

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Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership