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For Businesses

Employers are crucial in creating a welcoming, inclusive, and resilient community. The LIP welcomes your involvement.

Deloitte said it best in Welcome to Canada. Now what? Unlocking the potential of immigrants for business growth and innovation.

“Immigration is essential to Canada’s growth. Statistics show that Canadian companies will depend on foreign-born workers to sustain and increase the workforce that fuels our economy. At the same time, the global talent market is becoming increasingly competitive. To continue Canada’s growth, we must be able to compete for top talent.

When we think about diversity, we think about differences to celebrate – race, sexual orientation, gender, ability and more. But we don’t always connect how those differences can make our companies more innovative. Innovation comes from people and in order to understand innovation’s role in economic growth, we have to focus on diversity.

Diverse ideas and solutions come from people with different experiences and perspectives…Most employers know that diverse teams foster creativity and innovation, as well as improve decision-making. For Canada to remain globally competitive, we have to broaden our thinking and truly integrate skilled people who may not have Canadian experience, credentials or references. Only by taking calculated risks and being open to learning from the experiences of foreign-born workers, will Canadian companies fully capitalize on the potential for innovation and growth that comes with hiring foreign-born employees.”

Are you a diversity champion?

The LIP wants to hear how you have benefited from hiring internationally trained professionals, and what you have done in practice to hire newcomers and immigrants. We would be happy to feature your story on our website and promotional materials, so please contact us.

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership