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Great video on mental health, migrants, and whole communities

August 27, 2013

Cécile Rousseau, Director of the Transcultural Child Psychiatry Clinic at the Montreal Children’s Hospital proposes widening our focus to include the majority population when we think of immigrants and mental health. How does a host population feel about immigrants? Is the host community welcoming to this group? Dr. Rousseau discusses inter-community tensions between immigrant groups and the majority population and the tendency, when either group is feeling threatened, to close inwards, exacerbating tensions. Integration and adaptation into a new community is an important factor in the mental health of new Canadians and Dr. Rousseau stresses that all Canadians, new and established, play a part in it.
Source: Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre (MMHRC) (scroll down a little on the page)

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership