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#StrongerTogetherGW Campaign

The Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership along with community partners, hope to spread a message of solidarity in the community by highlighting the wide diversity of individuals that continue to provide services essential to our wellbeing.

We hope that you will be able to share your own story about community members working in essential services through our #StrongerTogetherGW campaign.




  • Share key message: So many people in our community are working to provide us essential services, whether it be in health care, in transportation, or in grocery stores. We want to recognize that both immigrants and established Canadians are a key part of our essential service teams, and that we are #StrongerTogetherGW!
  • After sharing that key message, here are some examples of what you could say:
    1. At ______ we are making sure the ______ services are still here for you over the phone/Zoom/ Skype/etc.
    2. Our team at ________ is working hard to __________.
    3. I see many community members ___.
    4. I think it’s really key at this time to ___.
    5. Finish with a closing message that is meaningful to your work. Here are some examples:
      1. Together we are stronger together.
      2. Please continue to do your part in keeping our community safe.
      3. Remember to lend a hand to members of your community, we all need a little more support in this difficult time.
  • Next step – Post your video/message to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. We ask that you include the hashtag #StrongerTogetherGW in your post. This helps us to find your post and share it more widely in the community.
  • Some general tips:
    1. If using video, please try to keep your video under 30 seconds.
    2. If using video, look directly into the camera as though you’re speaking to someone face to face.
    3. If you would prefer a written message, please try to limit it to 250 words.
    4. Feel free to adjust the wording or order to fit the way you communicate best.
  • The partners have created a logo for the #StrongerTogetherGW campaign, please feel free to use and share the logo in your video or promotions. The logos are available at this link, in 9 different languages! If you’d like to superimpose the logo over your own images, Canva is a great free tool that can help you edit images and share directly to your social media platforms.
  • If you need some inspiration, please see the links below for some sample messages from our community:

Thank you for taking the time to join our community in sharing this message; that together we are stronger and can make Guelph and Wellington a more inclusive place.

If you have any questions, please contact the Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership at or (513) 822-1260 x2625.

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership