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City of Guelph IT department: A model of a diverse workforce

August 23, 2011

Building a successful service requires many things. First and foremost it requires great people with commitment and experience.
Gilles Dupuis, manager of the information technology department at the City of Guelph, understands this well. For over four years he has led a highly capable and diverse team of professionals.

Gilles hired Chetan Hassarajani as the Supervisor of the IT Department and together they manage a diverse team of employees. They report that their department has staff with origins from every continent in the world and together they provide support for all the technical systems operated by the city, along with support to all staff that use them.

Gilles notes that his recruitment strategy begins with making every effort to find the best person for the job. Advertising for new positions is done through targeted, web-based ads on relavent job boards and websites. This allows him to reach a large international pool of qualified individuals.

The benefits of diversity far outweigh any challenges. Gilles and Chetan support their team in addressing any challenges and barriers they may have adjusting to working and living in Canada.

Chetan, who has adopted Canada as his new home, notes that Canada is a destination of choice for many people looking to relocate. This allows Gilles and Chetan to draw on the “cream of the crop” in terms of educated and skilled people. Having access to an international workforce allows the Guelph IT department to provide quality and comprehensive services in the quickly evolving world of technology.

Gilles encourages employers looking to hire new staff to take a chance when considering new Canadians for a position, “In the modern workforce there is room for us all, you won’t regret it”.

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Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership