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Why Diversity Matters In Your Workplace

“Hiring people with diverse backgrounds and leveraging that diversity is a business imperative.”

From Welcome to Canada. Now what? Unlocking the potential of immigrants for business growth and innovation, Deloitte, 2011

Why hire job-ready immigrants?

  • Our population is aging, leading to labour shortages. Ontario’s labour shortage is expected to rise to 364,000 by 2025 (Conference Board of Canada, Ontario’s Looming Labour Shortage Challenges, 2007).
  • It’s already hard to find the right employee. Guelph and Wellington County had one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada in 2012. And we’re still growing!
  • We’re not ready! Ontario’s education and training system cannot yet supply enough qualified workers to meet labour shortages.
  • Job-ready immigrants are highly educated and experienced. 67% of the area’s new immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or higher (Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, Immigrant Employment by Field of Study in Wellington County, 2009).
  • Recognizing immigrants’ skills is good for the economy. The national cost of not recognizing immigrants’ skills is between $3.4-5 billion per year (Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy, 2012, quoting Conference Board of Canada, 2004).


Grow your business with job-ready immigrants…

  • Reduce training costs by hiring and retaining people who have the talent, skills and experience you need.
  • Build a competitive advantage and tap into new markets by connecting with and understanding an increasingly diverse customer base.
  • Enhance productivity, innovation, and decision-making through diverse perspectives, cultural experiences, education and training.

Connect with your customers

“Customers want to converse with people that are familiar with their cultures and we feel that our dealership should represent our community.”

Fatma Brewis, Manager, Olympic Honda, Guelph

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership