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Information for International Students Affected by the Ontario College Strike

The Ontario college strike has no doubt created some uncertainty among international students and the potential effects that the strike could have on their study permits. The information below provided by IRCC should offer some consolation to concerned students.

From IRCC’s website:

“When international students are unable to fulfil their conditions as temporary residents due to circumstances entirely beyond their control (e.g., a school strike), they should not face any sanctions by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or the Canada Border Services Agency.

For example, if international students are due to apply for a study permit extension during labour unrest, they should include with their application an explanation (from the registrar of the educational institution) of why they have been unable to continue with their studies or attend school. International students must, however, maintain valid temporary residence at all times and should maintain their status as a student during this period by renewing their study permit before it expires or becomes invalid. Once the labour unrest has been resolved, they will be able to resume their studies, provided that they continue to have valid temporary residence and a valid study permit.”

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership