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Refugee Supports

Helping Hands: Welcoming Syrian refugees to Guelph Wellington

Millions of Syrians have been displaced by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Canadians have opened their hearts and communities before to people experiencing war and persecution, and we have benefited beyond measure when refugees have been settled and integrated into the Canadian fabric. The Government of Canada has committed to welcoming 25,000-35,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2016, many of whom will be privately sponsored. Guelph Wellington will receive between 300 and 400 refugees.

The Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership will do its best to help coordinate the settlement effort in our area by connecting key individuals, organizations, and groups; raising awareness about and support for new or community-wide initiatives that will ease settlement; and sharing information.

Refugees from Syria: Unravelling the myths

We’ve unravelled four popular myths about Syrian (and other) refugees. Get the facts

Learn about key updates to Private Refugee Sponsorship from Said Bangura of the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program.

Key organizations/resources for the settlement process in Guelph Wellington

Sponsorship-related (and other settlement-related) resources

Why we should welcome Syrian refugees

Below are articles/statements/reports that are addressing negative views of refugees, including the spreading belief that Syrian refugees are security risks, or can be used to counter negative perceptions, provide positive views, and help us all to create a welcoming atmosphere. We will likely all encounter these attitudes in our daily activities over the coming days.

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership