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The GWLIP is helping to put Guelph-Wellington on the map!

June 13, 2016

The GWLIP is thrilled to participate in the City of Guelph’s innovative Open Guelph initiative. The City’s open government work focuses on modernizing City services to give citizens a great experience. This includes making civic information and data more accessible and relevant to Guelph residents.

Data sets that are being made available for public use relate to general governance, community services, finance, health and safety, infrastructure, land use and development, recreation, transportation, and transit.

Members of the GWLIP’s Access to Services Committee, which is working towards improving access to services for immigrants in Guelph Wellington, provided four data sets that are included under community services:

  1. Public and Private Schools in Guelph
  2. Licensed Child Care Services in Guelph
  3. Organizations serving Immigrants in Guelph
  4. Health Care Services in Guelph

The information in these data sets can be viewed on four separate maps online or downloaded as CSV files (readable in Excel).

Various groups will especially benefit from having this data so readily available:

  • Front-line workers from settlement and other social service organizations who regularly have to refer clients to various services in Guelph
  • Newcomers, including hundreds of Syrian and other refugees expected in our community by the end of 2016, as well as their sponsoring groups — the information is expected to make their integration and settlement process much smoother and easier
  • Any people planning services at the neighbourhood or city level and needing specific information about a geographic area in Guelph

By July 2016, all four data sets will be available in an Interactive Community Services Map format. A future phase of the map will include Wellington County services.

For more information see:

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Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership