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Employer Toolkit

The County of Wellington and Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington have partnered to develop the Guelph-Wellington Employer’s Guide to Hiring and Retaining Newcomers and Immigrants. This comprehensive guide addresses key principles that employers can put into practice when hiring and retaining a newcomer workforce.

See also an earlier toolkit from GWLIP below:

Our toolkit, “Hiring Global Talent: It’s Just Good Business – A Toolkit for Employers in Guelph Wellington”, is now available online!

Attracting and retaining great talent is good for business.

Here in Guelph-Wellington the talent that we need, and its availability, are changing.

Every business will require innovative human resource solutions to continue bringing excellent products and services to market.

This toolkit has your bottom-line in mind ― supporting your business to become an effective and inclusive employer of highly skilled and experienced internationally-trained talent. We refer to this key labour pool as global talent.

The toolkit provides:

  • Practical resources, quick-reference tips, and checklists that will help you to make your hiring activities and human resource practices more  inclusive.
  • Solutions that develop a more sustainable, inclusive workplace and give your business a competitive advantage for years to come.

Please see the following pieces of the toolkit…

  1. 3 Things You Should Know About Our Changing Labour Force
  2. Build Your Competitive Advantage
  3. Tips for Attracting Global Talent
  4. Employers’ Role in Immigration and Accessing International Labour
  5. How to Assess Global Talent
  6. How to Retain Global Talent
  7. Lead By Example: Champion Inclusion
  8. Self-Assessment Checklists: Track & Measure Your Global Talent Advantage
  9. Local Resources for Employers
  10. Welcome to Guelph & Wellington! (a brief directory of services for immigrants that employers should know about)

Feel free to contact us for a hard copy of the toolkit…

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership